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(Daystar) – Congratulations 05 scaffolding trainees of Morinaga on flying to Japan on August 22, 2018

Every effort is always paid off with the most rewarding results. After many trying and efforts, they have also arrived in the country of cherry blossoms, where they always wish.

Three years will be long if we only look at one point. But three years will be very short if you want to learn what’s best to change the future later. Time will not wait for anyone, so try, double the effort to achieve your success!

The future has many names, with the weak it is impossible to achieve. To the fearful, it is unknown. And to whom brave, it is OPPORTUNITY.

Here are some pictures of the trainess at Da Nang International Airport:

On the way to conquer the dream in the country, we know that this road is not only spread the red rose carpets but it has many difficulties. But we believe that young, energetic and persevering enthusiasts can conquer everything.

Wish you continue to study and work well in Japan. And we – Daystar are happy to be with you on this path to success.

Learning, working, going and be passionate when you can!

“The road is hard to go not because of the rivers and mountains’ separation

It’s hard because of people’s fear”

Representative Daystar took a photo with the trainees

Daystar Labor Export Company is expanding the door for young people who want to go to work in Japan right now.

Love choose handsome men, Labor Export choose Daystar!

For more information, please contact:

❣️Headquarters: 78 Ben Nghe – Hue City.
❣️Telephone : 0234 3939 779
❣️Daystar in Tokyo – Japan: 1-29-9 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0072 Japan
❣️Daystar training school of foreign languages and fostering knowledge: 49 Roard – Pham Van Dong Street – Hue.
❣️Daystar Labor Export Center: 74 Hung Vuong Street, Hue City.
❣️Telephone : 0234 3949 779
❣️Hotline : 0948 907 779
❣️With 10 Daystar branches nationwide!!!