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Legal records

In these days, learning need of young people is dramatically increasing so that many consulting oversea study companies have been sprouting like mushrooms after rain. In fact, many ineligible companies have caused considerable damages for applicants as reported by press agencies and television stations.

Besides professional and prestigious companies, there are still others do snatching and seasonal business which has caused huge loss of confidence for parents and students. In reality, making a good choice of eligible and high prestigious company is really problematic because all companies self-appreciate as the number one with compelling ads to hit customers’ psychology.

To rectify the above situation, recently Prime Minister has issued new regulations of consulting oversea study company management and recognized oversea study consulting as a condition-accompanied business branch. Besides business certificate issued by Department of Planning and Investment in accordance with enterprise law, consulting oversea study branch is also managed by Department of Education and Training at locality via the certificate operation issue. The regulation requires more serious management in order to restrict ineligible companies with the limitation on specialization and finance concurrently protect rights and duties of good companies and legal rights of Vietnamese citizens who want to study abroad.

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