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As part of the celebration of the 25th year establishment of the Miyata Institute, we are pleased to host the first international speech contest. This is also the place where students learn Japanese to announce their results as well as to motivate learning.

1. Subject: 「日本 留学 に 描 く 夢」 Time limit 4 minutes

2. Eligibility

① Students who are studying Japanese outside Japan (University, professional school, Japanese students)

② Age: 18 to 25

③Have a Japanese degree from N2 or above or similar degree

④Have lived for less than 1 month in Japan

⑤A person can go Japan

④ Selection criteria

Manuscript: Content, composition, accuracy of the paragraph, coherence of the topic, comments

Speaking: Pronunciation, volume, speech rate, fluency, expressiveness, speaking time

3. Candidates are decided

Please send your application before the deadline

Depending on the selection criteria, candidates will be selected and the preliminary round will be held at the representative office of the Miyata Institute at the address:

R2, L2,10A, Royal City, Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

4. Rewards

To be eligible for the International Speech Contest in Fukuoka

Time: 6 October, 2018 (Saturday) 10:30 until 16:00 (Tentative)

Venue: Minami Cultural Center

T 815-0032 Fukuokashi, Minamiku, Shiobaru 2-8-2 Tel: 092-561-2981

Flights and accommodation will be paid by the academy

5. How to apply and the application period

Log in to the Miyata Institute website and then send parts : ①②③ to the mail or fax or post office

① Application form for foreign candidates

② Draft of speech (900 words to 1200 words)

③ Identification card photo

Registration deadline: 20 July, 2018 (Fri)


T815-0032 Fukuokaken, Fukuokashi, Minamiku, Shiobaru 4-17-17

Email: Fax 81-92-553-0336

7. For any questions please contact the organizers of the international speech contest

Tel: 81-92-541-8450  Email: