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Home Study abroad Study abroad in Japan DAYSTAR STUDENTS ARE HAPPY ON GRADUATION DAY


 In each person’s life there will be many steps to mark growth and maturity. Graduation day, perhaps one of the important milestones to mark the process of learning and maturing. For overseas students, the graduation day is even more meaningful, because the degree is a proof to their efforts in learning and training themselves during the school years away from home.

Graduation day is probably the most important and meaningful day for the life of every student. That joy will be multiplied many times when the ceremony is attended and witnessed by relatives and friends. But for overseas students, there is something special, on this day there is usually no participation and congratulations of parents but only teachers and international friends. However, they still do not feel sad or discouraged, but they are the motivation for them to try and promote more to not make disappointed ones who are still believing and looking forward them to return.

At the beginning of March 2019, many of Daystar’s oversea students in Japan officially graduated. Daystar felt proud and happy to see the radiant smile on their faces. The joy of oversea students will be a great motivation for Daystar to try and be confident on the journey to dream of studying abroad for students.

Some share of International Students on graduation day:

“In this moment, I feel very happy and gratitude. I thank my parents and friends for always encouraging me every day so that I can step forward on my learning path. In particular, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Daystar for creating opportunities for me to study in Japan, even though studying far from my homeland, but I do not feel lost or lonely because I always have Daystar team always help and stay with me whenever I have difficulties or when I’m frustrated”.

“Time has passed quickly, it’s really fast. I still remember the day when I was awkward, timid before a strange place …. but now everything is different … I’m growing up and growing up Hold on”.

“Graduation, though it’s just the beginning, it’s the motivation for me to try. Keep up your mind, then you’ll see: What you can do is more than you imagine”.

Below is some photos of Daystar overseas Students in Japan who just graduated from Japanese language schools in early March 2019.